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"Knowing people, making good use of them, and making full use of their talents" is the employment principle of GPSOLAR. To this end, we have established a complete set of talent training and talent development plans to help capable talents exert your most dazzling talents in suitable positions. GPSOLAR has always adhered to the concept and purpose of "Far vision ahead, long benefit behind!". If you are interested in the photovoltaic industry, if you agree with our corporate culture, welcome to join us, join this career that affects the future, and create your own achievements..


Overseas sales

Job description:

Responsible for the sales of the company's photovoltaic (PV) products in overseas markets, including market research, customer expansion, contract signing, order tracking, customer service, etc.

Job responsibility:

1.Responsible for the sales channel and sales team management of overseas photovoltaic (PV) projects , and formulate regional marketing as well as sales strategies and sales plans;

2.Achieve the team's sales target, payback target and customer development target according to the regional sales strategy;

3.Expand new overseas customer channels;

4.Undertake the overseas promotion of the company's products, collect and analyze market information, and conduct statistics and analysis of business data;

5.Responsible for the visit, reception and relationship maintenance of important customers, and develop as well as manage customer information files;

6.Support the development of overseas local sales business;

Overseas sales(local)

Job description:

2Responsible for the sales of the company's photovoltaic(PV) products in overseas markets, including market research, customer expansion, contract signing,order tracking, customer service,etc.

Job responsibility:

1.Responsible for the construction of overseas regional sales and channel systems,

formulate brand and business development plans in line with the local market and

implemented them in stages, and complete the sales targets issued by the headquarters;

2.Have an in-depth understanding of the target market industry, competition pattern

and competitive products, as well as the latest trends, and develop strategies for product, pricing and channel promotion;

3.Develop and maintain regional markets, take charge of the development and maintenance of agents and dealers in the region, and formulate and implement cooperationplans;

4.Develop the channel marketing plan and sales incentive system based on the target market, and maintain a healthy partnership;

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