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Storage Solution suppliers

GPSolar has been focusing on the development and application of energy storage technology and products for a long time, providing systematic products, solutions, and operational services with lithium-ion batteries as the core, and combining them with photovoltaics. It is a comprehensive system solution provider for "photovoltaic+energy storage". Provide users with integrated solutions for household optical storage, distributed optical storage, and large-scale optical storage.

Household Energy Storage Integrated Solutions

Modular Battery Packs

Home Peak Shaving

Home self-generation and self-consumption

Grid-connected revenue from surplus power

Intelligent real-time monitoring

Standardized Battery Unit + Flexible Grouping

Expandable modular design

High safety of lithium iron phosphate battery

Low self-consumption

1 hour super fast charging speed

Flexible Grouping 5.12kWh/10.24kWh/15.36kWh/20.48kWh/25.6kWh/30.72kW

GP Home series battery