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GP BIPV System

GPSolar BIPV energy system perfectly integrates the photovoltaic power generation systems with new buildings, which not only can generate power for the building but also integrate with buildings naturally.  The BIPV system comprehensively improves the design of the buildings and uprades the the function of the buildings. 

GP BIPV System

Higher Construction

Gutter installation non-destructive snap-in installation, modular construction, 10% efficiency increase.

Lower material costs

Replacement of the original roof structure, without the need for color steel tiles, brackets and other materials.

Longer Life

Patented non-rusting material, excellent waterproof performance, and 30 years of worry-free use.

Better Conversion Efficiency

Large-pitch channel design reduces operating temperature by 12℃ and boosts power generation by more than 4%.

Application scenarios

Photovoltaic curtain wall

Photovoltaic daylight roof

Photovoltaic shading corridor

Roof photovoltaic tile